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Advanced Musical Instrument Servicing is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional instrument repairs, tuning, and servicing. As a friendly, local, and family-owned business, we take pride in offering prompt service and excellent value for money.

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of various customers, including parents of school children who play piano or school band instruments, school music classrooms and instrumental teachers, private teachers, and all other piano owners. We are committed to ensuring that your instruments are in top condition so you can enjoy playing music and being as creative as possible!

In addition to our repair and tuning services, we also offer a selection of instruments for sale. So whether you are a beginner or intermediate musician, we have a technician selected range to choose from to find your perfect fit.

Servicing Grand Piano

As a locally owned and operated family business passionate about music, we commit to providing our customers with the best possible service. With years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your instruments are performing at their best.

If It Makes Sound, We Can Help

Our services cover a large selection of instruments. We know that a musician performs at their best when their tools are in exceptional condition, and with our expert help, you can focus on creating your perfect sound. We can repair, service and tune the following instruments:

  • Pianos

  • Flutes

  • Clarinets

  • Saxophones

  • Trumpets

  • Trombones

  • And many more

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Why You Should Consider Regular Piano Tuning

Speak with our team about a servicing schedule to ensure that your beautiful piano sounds its best for many years to come.

pitch accuracy

Regularly tuning your piano ensures its stability during temperature and humidity changes, allowing it to maintain its pitch accuracy. Furthermore, regular tuning enables the tuner to spot and fix minor issues before they escalate into costly problems. Multiple tunings may be required to stabilise the piano to its standard pitch. If left unattended for too long, the piano may become unusable for learning, resembling nothing more than a mere piano-shaped object, and we certainly don't want that to happen!

Increase LifeSpan

With adjustments made consistently, your piano will play at its best, increasing its lifespan and providing a better playing experience. We like to have our customers consider that a piano under A440 Concert Pitch tension can bear up to 14 tonnes of pressure. However, when a piano is left untuned for a prolonged period, this tension decreases significantly, making it challenging to tune back up to 14 tonnes.

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The Importance of Regular Instrument Servicing for Brass and Woodwind

Did you know regular servicing is essential for brass and woodwind instruments to maintain longevity and sound quality? Brass instruments are particularly susceptible to damage from saliva and food particles, which can cause rotting from the inside. Regular flushing and acid treatments are necessary to prevent this and avoid dezincification.

Student instruments made from low-quality materials can be more prone to damage and require annual servicing to prevent rapid deterioration.  

Woodwind instruments have more wearing parts, including pads and corks, which have a limited lifespan and require regular replacement to ensure proper function. The keywork can also become bent from assembly and disassembly, making it essential to have a stand to keep the instrument safe between use. In addition, new pads compress over time, causing air leaks and making the instrument more difficult to play. Therefore, it's necessary to have a service 12 months after purchasing a new woodwind instrument.

Purchasing a quality used instrument from a reputable maker, such as Buffet, Artley, Armstrong, Bach, Conn, King, or Yamaha, is a better long-term option, provided it has been professionally serviced or will be serviced before use. A professionally serviced instrument plays better and removes all the fluids from the previous player, providing a more hygienic and enjoyable playing experience.

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Great Experience

Great experience choosing a piano, Paul was very knowledgeable and explained the differences between my options. Good variety of used upright pianos. Got mine on their anniversary sale so I saved more then 1K.

Riz. Z

Very Professional

I bought my Yamaha upright piano from here. Paul one of the Morris brothers was very professional and kind. Prices was reasonable and I would recommend this shop to everyone.

Donny. H

Useful Advice

Very helpful especially the original brothers. We bought a piano from them. Get heaps of useful advice before the purchase and are so very happy with the piano. After sales very good as they love music.

Hunter. B

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